Saturday, April 22, 2023

Films From Arizona and the United States

This collection of short films and a feature film represents microbudget films from Arizona and the United States. Live and pre-recorded panels will take place between screening sessions. Your ticket grants you entrance to all short films, the feature film, panels, and the awards show for the evening. Schedule is subject to change.

Watch the complete discussion with Avai D’Amico.

Filmmaker Luncheon Keynote with Avai D'Amico

Saturday afternoon we held a filmmaker luncheon for filmmakers to raise money for local college students. The keynote speaker was Avai D’Amico, a cinematographer, director, and producer from Tucson.

Avai D’Amico

Cinematographer, Director, and Producer

Short Films from Arizona and the United States


Directed by Freddy Pinon



“Up River”

Directed by Fritzy




Directed by Chris Hanna



“The Basement”

Directed by Rick James Aydelotte



“Who Are You?”

Directed by Jacob Snider



“In the Peephole”

Directed by Ryan Clausen


Watch the complete interview with Fritzy.

Panel: "Up River" with Fritzy


Writer and Director, “Up River”

Unfortunately, the end of the panel was not recorded. We apologize for this mistake.

Short Films Panel

Josh Feldhake

Producer, “Bruiser”


Tyler Elder

Director of Photography, “Bruiser”


Jacob Snider

Director, “Who Are You?”


Rick James Aydelotte

Director, “The Basement”


Ryan Clausen

Writer, Director, and Producer, “In the Peephole”


Avai D’Amico

Director of Photography, “In the Peephole”

Born Loser

This feature film tells the story of a man who learns he has a biological predisposition to always pick products that are doomed to fail.

Directed by Damian Wiseman


Watch the complete interview with Damian Wiseman.

Panel: "Born Loser" with Damian Wiseman

Damian Wiseman

Director, “Born Loser”

Awards Ceremony

Carpe and Zen Productions (Joseph Carpenter and Jacob Lauritzen) announce the winners for the film festival.