2023 Filmmaker Panels

Luncheon Keynote

Watch the complete discussion on crowdfunding and microbudget filmmaking with cinematographer, director, and producer, Avai D’Amico.

Short Films

“The Happy Herd” with Director, John James Kennedy.

“The Blind Date” with Actor, Writer, and Executive Producer, Jairdo Orden.

“The Dumping Station” with Actor and Director Lori Lyle.

“Avec Amour, Tu Tio” with Director, Paul Abueg-Igaz.

“Up River” with Writer and Director, Fritzy.

Feature Films

“Her Name Was Hester” with Writer and Director, Brian Campbell.

“The Martin Decker Show” with Writer and Director, Kevin Jones, and Actor, Keiron Self.

“Born Loser” with Writer and Director, Damian Wiseman.